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Founder/Executive Director



Jana is a registered nurse with the Via Christi Ascension Medical System. Her love of animals started at a young age when her parents, always with a house full of pets, also encouraged her to take in injured or orphaned animals and nurse them back to health. Jana has been involved with many of the dog and cat rescues in town and has assisted KHS in placement of abandoned and abused farm animals, but always dreamed of having a rescue "farm" of her own. Growing up, her father, acquired a Buckskin Quarter horse named Samantha who ended up having an oops filly with the Morgan who escaped his pen. Tilly the Filly was a white, blue eyed baby wild child. This was where Jana's devotion to the care of equine began. Jana is also the mother of three grown sons, and a grandson, which she says has equipped her to deal with all of the other wild animals in her care. She is living her dream!




Kristen has worked at Tanglewood Medical Center in Derby, as a medical assistant, for the last 21 years. She has been married to her husband, Josh, for 8 years. She has 2 daughters, that definitely keep her busy. They both play softball and are involved in different school activities. Both girls and her husband are a huge help around the sanctuary. She has always had a special place in her heart for animals, especially the less fortunate ones. She and Jana quickly became friends in 2018, as she helped Jana transport 2 of the sanctuaries rescues. Since then, she has devoted herself to help Jana and the animals in every way possible.




Born and raised in Kansas, I definitely started out life as a farm girl, at the age of 4, caring for and collecting eggs from our chickens, and selling them (the eggs) by walking the neighborhood with them in my little red wagon. My grandmother on my Dad’s side had a 20 acre farm, where I spent time in the summer working in the 5 acre garden mostly, harvesting, canning and storing all kinds of vegetables. Occasionally, I would get to take care of the cattle (mostly feed/water). I graduated from Wichita State University in 1980, with a B.S degree in Computer Science, Political Science and German language and Culture. I finished my 31 yr career in the Computing and Defense Industry (doing just about every job there was) in 2010. In 2001, our family (husband : Eric, daughters: Tezja and Alexandria) moved to Florida (my job took us there) , and we started landscaping our 4 acres; gardening , planting trees, raking tons of pine needles and collecting tons of pine cones each year. I am still into gardening and concentrate mostly on Citrus trees now. To date, our family has adopted over 7 rescues (dogs), they always seem to be the smartest and definitely the most loving. I whole-heartedly support MHAS, and really believe there can be no kinder angels on earth than these folks who work so tirelessly every day in caring for these animals. Even though I am far away in Florida, I appreciate the fact that Jana Reeder invited me to be on the Board. I will do my best to come up with ideas and other means of support when needed. I hope to get up to Burrton sometime this year to see the operation in person. 

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Bryan holds his undergraduate degree from WSU and a Juris Doctorate from KU. He spends his summers working for Music Theatre Wichita as their ATD and the rest of the year traveling with their sets. He also does extensive animal rescue work along with his wife Patty Reeder.




Rachelle is a licensed Cosmetologist/Vocalist for Karmic Fusion Band/Entertainment Promoter and Manager for Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge/ Mother to Roxie Richardson (daughter 8 yrs old). Rachelle’s love for animals started at a young age. She started barrel racing on her horse Duchess when she was a little girl. Raised on horses, cattle, and cutting wheat on her family farm in Oklahoma, Rachelle never lost her love of animals and it grew stronger over time. She worked in dog rescue for 5 years and that’s how she met Jana Reeder founder of MHAS. Rachelle learned about the Kansas kill pens and the horrible process of what these horses go thru. She has saved 10 equine from heading to slaughter. Her beloved Sparkles (American Paint Horse age 28) currently resides at the sanctuary. 

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